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 The Next Chapter

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Leo Buffalo
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PostSubject: The Next Chapter   Sat Aug 04, 2012 8:22 am

The Next Chapter:
A Message From The Narrator

Phoenix City Chronicles has always been about the story, and over the years, we've had some great ones. From the humble beginnings of three friends gathered in a one-room studio to roll some dice to the rise of the AVA System on Minionz to the expansion into Southan, we've seen incredible characters and unbelievable plots. Villains were defeated, kingdoms fell, and even the Gods became a little more human.

But always, the story pressed on.

In the past two months, that story began another incredible shift. Yours Truly began scripting and animating a motion comic based on the series that will incorporate characters and stories from the first two campaigns of the game (the Vektor and Marrowbrook story arcs), as well as some entirely original ones. The first episode of that motion comic is currently being scored by a composer before going into its final cut and being posted simultaneously on YouTube and Newgrounds.

When that happens this site, whose run as a gaming community halted abruptly in the middle of last year, will cease to be just a gaming community and will become a hub for the new animation as it develops, both in tribute to the good times we've had and to all new ones to come.

Thank you all for the memories. I couldn't have done this without you, and to all of you who are already helping or would like to, welcome back aboard. We're setting sail for our greatest adventure yet!

Regis Welch,
Site Founder

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Libra Buffalo
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PostSubject: Re: The Next Chapter   Wed Aug 29, 2012 1:35 pm

Good luck with it man, I hope it works out for you. That aside I would greatly appreciate it if you didn't use Kaylea as I have plans to use her in other projects.
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The Next Chapter
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