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 Phoenix City Map

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PostSubject: Phoenix City Map   Phoenix City Map Icon_minitimeWed Jan 07, 2009 12:28 pm

Phoenix City Map PhoenixCity_Overview

A = The Forge: Dwarf and Gnome Neighborhood
B = BEIR Headquarters
C = Sylaith (Faerie-Home): Elf Neighborhood
D = Phoenix City University Campus
E = Midtown: Human/Mixed Neighborhood
F = Merchant's Quarter
G = The Furries (Kitsunemimi and Nekomimi Neighborhood)
H = Downtown Phoenix City
I = City Hall

Population Figures
By Race
Total: 397,500
Dolls: 11,925 (3%)
Dwarves: 39,750 (10%)
Elves: 79,500 (20%)
Gargoyles: 3,975 (1%)
Gnomes: 39,750 (10%)
Grasslanders: 3,975 (1%)
Humans: 119,250 (30%)
Imps: 19,875 (5%)
Kitsunemimi: 39,750 (10%)
Nekomimi: 39,750 (10%)

By Homes*
Dolls: 2385 Homes**
Dwarves: 7,950 Homes
Elves: 15,900 Homes
Gargoyles: 795 Homes***
Gnomes: 7,950 Homes
Grasslanders: 795 Homes****
Humans: 23,850 Homes
Imps: 3,975 Homes
Kitsunemimi: 7,950 Homes
Nekomimi: 7,950 Homes

By Apartment*
Dolls: N/A
Dwarves: 79 Apartments
Elves: 159 Apartments
Gargoyles: N/A
Gnomes: 79 Apartments
Grasslanders: N/A
Humans: 238 Apartments
Imps: 39 Apartments
Kitsunemimi: 79 Apartments
Nekomimi: 79 Apartments

*The above assumes that each home has a total of approximately five occupants, including men, women, and children. A home is defined as an apartment consisting of three to five rooms, and a standard apartment building can hold up to one-hundred such apartments.
** 1,190 (approximately 50%) of these belong to the organization known as The Machine. The remainder, not having free will of their own, do not occupy actual homes, but service various families of other races and public buildings. As such, this figure is completely overlapped.
*** Gargoyles do not have free status in the city, as they have refused to live by its laws, but are known to inhabit abandoned buildings and the tops of other prominent locales, proving themselves an occasional menace to the populous.
**** Grasslanders actually inhabit the lands around Phoenix City; this figure represents merchants who make their home in the commerce district during times of high trade.

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Phoenix City Map
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