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PostSubject: Plainterra   Plainterra Icon_minitimeWed Jan 07, 2009 6:38 am

This map is subject to updates, as new settlements and landmarks are discovered, or old ones change. Please check back by soon.

Plainterra Norweist_Plainterra


An endless green prairie of tall grass and temperate weather, the Plainterra is the home of the grasslanders, a plant-like race born of the earth. The grasslanders divide the prairie into multiple tribal territories, with names such as the Wetreeds or the Dunebacks. Many other races, such as gnomes and yaips, make this their home. It is most likely watched over by the Greek gods, although they appear very distant save for Demeter, and as such the worship of nature is far more common.

The Plainterra is also home to Phoenix City, a bustling metropolis distinguished as the world's first working representative republic, and the most prominent trade city on the continent of Norweist.

Phoenix City
Marrowbrook Castle

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