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 Aramil, Adania, and Brundo

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PostSubject: Aramil, Adania, and Brundo   Thu Dec 18, 2008 11:29 am

Aramil, Adania, and Brundo

These three friends live in the town of Marrowbrook, where they frequent its eponymous pub and frequently talk to adventurers passing by.

Aramil is a half-elven man with a penchant for gambling. He often taunts Brundo over his age and generally stubborn disposition, but the two remain friends.

Adania is the more practical of the three, and Aramil's girlfriend. She often plays the straight man in their conversations, but adds her fair share of witty comebacks.

Brundo is what the dwarves know as old salt; opinionated, stubborn, and a good compliment to any party. He loves drinking, gambling, and telling ghost stories.

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Aramil, Adania, and Brundo
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