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 Phoenix City Statistics

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PostSubject: Phoenix City Statistics   Phoenix City Statistics Icon_minitimeWed Dec 10, 2008 12:24 pm

Phoenix City Statistics Cityscape_border



General Information
Name: Phoenix City
Type: Metropolis
Population: 397,500
Racial Demographics: Angels(0%*), Demons(0%*), Dolls(3%), Dragons(0%*), Dwarves(10%),
Elves(20%), Fairies(0%), Gargoyles(1%), Gnomes(10%), Grasslanders(1%), Graveborn(0%*), Humans(30%),
Imps(5%), Kitsune(0%*), Kitsunmimi(10%), Merfolk(0%), Mutant(0%*), Nekomimi(10%), Spirits(0%*),
Vampires(0%*), Werewolves(0%*), Wolf Demons(0%*), Yeti(0%)

* Probably exist, but not openly, so they've never been taken into account

Important People:

Tanny Affoh, Organization Manager (10th-level Gnome)
Borgen Steihr, Racketeering Organizer (9th-level Dwarf)
Morden Furafaire, Primary Accountant (7th-level Gnome)

Lady Arianna Galanodel, Head of Arcane Study (12th-level Elf)
Lady Cheri Dupont, Head of Customs and Trade (13th-level Human)
Lord Daramil Sulley, Head of Architecture and Construction (6th-level Nekomimi)
Lord Feng Rukken, Head of Health and Sanitation (6th-level Grasslander)
Lord Jebeddo Scheppen, Head of International Relations (13th-level Gnome)
Lord Oskar Rumnaheim, Head of Military (6th-level Dwarf)

Rehtado Morae, Leader (17th-level Human)
Knightmaster Fredo, Captain of the Knights (12th-level Vampire)
Fitzgerald, Chief Bodyguard (20th-level Doll)
Lumis Dule, Associate and Proprietor of the Sting-in-the-Ring (7th-level Kitsunemimi)

Darius Kallan, University Dean (20th-level Human)
Dalia Changzao, Professor of Elemental Magic (15th-level Grasslander)
Jonathan Light, Professor of Magical Protection (14th-level Human)
Nairod Vanelli, Professor of Automaton Construction and Summoning (16th-level Gnome)
Lilieista Maedo, Professor of Illusion and Enchantment (18th, level Elf)
Sporaka Torill, Professor of Military Blast Spells (17th-level Dwarf)
Viego D'aunpei, Professor of Necromancy (19th-level Vampire, Former Human)

Master Etanicam, Leader (11th-level Cog, Former Human)
The Intangible Twins, Top Generals (2 11th-level Cogs, Former Nekomimi)


A labor union established to protect the working rights of the gnomes and dwarves who, in their own words, built this city. The organization's most influential member is Jebeddo Scheppen, who frequently uses his political power to work for gnome and dwarf rights. Members pay an annual due to
the tune of 300 gold, but in return they are guaranteed medical benefits in case of injury on the job, excellent pay for their hard work, and discount benefits at BEIR-run markets.

A council of six elected officials who govern all individual aspects of the city and meet regularly to discuss the city as a whole. The council is elected by popular vote once a year, and there is no set limit to how many terms a councilor may have, resulting in some officials being newly elected, and others having sat on the council for decades.

The most notorious criminal organization in the city, the code of the Knights is simple; always repay upon others any offense committed upon you, and never get the law involved. Violation of either of these terms results in death for the perpetrator. The unwritten rule of this glorified thieves guild, whose tactics range from burglary and extortion to more "sophisticated" activity such as high-profile sleeper agents and political blackmail, is loyalty to one's superior, but while this may keep a low-level
enforcer alive, the higher ups consistently vie for power, and assassinations are common.

The most prestigious wizard's academy in Norweist, PCU is renowned for its varied spectrum of magical study ranging from military attack spells to elemental magic to beginner necromancy (more advanced practice of the subject, such as the animation of undead entities, is strictly forbidden on campus), as well as its sporting mage duels.

The Church of Mechanical Transcendence, as the organization is formally known, is a theocracy hidden within the inner workings of the greater republic that is Phoenix City. Considering their organic forms the ultimate limitation, members of this organization slowly replace their existing bodies with magically animated prosthetics resembling what will someday be known as cybernetics in a bizarre ritual known as Transcendence. Those who complete this ritual become wholly artificial creations far more powerful than the original. These entities are known collectively as cogs. The agenda of this organization is to expand for now, but it is feared they will someday seek to overwhelm and destroy their organic counterparts, whom they consider inferior.

Government Type: Representative Republic
Sovereignty: The Grand High Council (elected by popular vote)
Settlement Leader(s): See Current Grand High Council, above

Unique Rules: As a representative republic, Phoenix City places the civil liberties of its
citizens at top priority, claiming that,

"We believe all sentient creatures, regardless of race, religion,
or gender have the innate right to free will, and free expression of
that will, provided that such expression does not hinder the free will
of other such creatures. We believe also that the right to free will
entitles one to responsibility for ones actions, and that all breaches
of the above should be tried fairly in a court of law."

Non-citizens are treated as merchants, and though they may set up shop in the city (provided, of course, that they have proper licensing to do so), they are not permitted to claim residence or property rights within city limits until proper forms establishing citizenship have been filled out, filed at the council headquarters, and sent back in the form of a citizenship document. This document is extremely important, and under martial law (a rare emergency), may be requested by guards to ensure that invaders are not among the populous.

In keeping with their treaty of relations with surrounding lands,
non-citizens are detained and deported immediately, to be sentenced according to the rules and regulations of their homeland, wherever it may be. In similar fashion, citizens are typically detained until their trial, with bail set in direct proportion to the crime committed.

Currencies: Gold, Silver, Runestones, Other Precious Metals
Import/Export: Various (Trade Capital)
Taxes & Tithes: A .5% sales tax is in effect for all purchases. A 25% local tax is withdrawn from the pay of all workers to expand and maintain the city itself.

Phoenix City, formerly known as Ash City, is an anomaly in two respects. The first is that it is the only successful large-scale republic in the whole of Norweist; the result of an inner-city civil war that brought Ash City to its knees centuries ago. The ruling council, known as the Grand High Council, is elected by popular vote in an annual election, and it is the sworn duty of councilors to take the opinions voiced by the people themselves into account when making decisions. In order to accommodate this need, it
was decided at the dawn of Phoenix City's successful reconstruction that a councilor would be selected from among every predominant race to best represent the needs of their people's unique culture.

The second is that it is technologically and architecturally centuries ahead of its time. Its free status has allowed artisans of all kinds to flourish, and the innovations of gnome inventors and dwarf architects have paved the way for a city that runs on magical energy the way modern cities run on electricity. Levitating elevators carry loads of busy workers to the top floors of tremendously tall and exotically designed skyscrapers. Traffic fills the skies as well as the roads thanks to the invention of flying carriages. The night skyline is a sight to behold; countless magical lights illuminate the city for miles.

In addition to its novel technological advancements and the assurance of freedom, Phoenix City is built on trade. Lying at the axis of several important routes in the region, the city sees a continual influx and outpouring of goods and services of all kinds, and those who choose to settle make up its sizable, ever-growing population. Indeed, population control itself has proven to be the city's greatest challenge, and its size is ever-expanding to accommodate this need.

Social Classes: All citizens are considered free, and have an active say in their government, but final decisions are left up to the Grand High Council, who have the greatest political power. Although every citizen is a free man, some races, such as imps, are considered second-class citizens, and thus occupy a lower rung than average citizens in practice.
Top Class: N/A (all citizens are equal in theory)
Unique Classes: None

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Phoenix City Statistics
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