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PostSubject: Community Rules   Community Rules Icon_minitimeMon Dec 21, 2009 10:20 am

Here we outline the basic rules of the community so nobody is in the dark. So you know...

Rule 1: Don't Be A Jerk (DBAJ)

DBAJ means, on its most basic level, that in this community you're held to the same social etiquette on the computer as you would show off it. You wouldn't go starting fights for no reason in person or saying mean things about people to their face so don't do it here. That said, some people would, so what the rule really gets down to is that you're expected to respect your fellow players and treat them as you'd want to be treated.

If you feel someone in the community is harassing you or otherwise making your gaming experience uncomfortable, contact me at, find me on my AIM id, zekagelives, or drop me a private message expressing your grievances. I will try my best to mediate so that all involved parties can reach a mutually beneficial solution. In the event that a grievance can not be resolved in a civil manner, or in which repeated harassment occurs, those I find responsible may be banned.

Rule 2: Participation

Roleplaying's not a spectator sport. If you want in, you've got to make the time to be a part of the game in deed as well as name. Life happens, but if you're not wanting to play, why are you here? Multiplayer games aren't a requirement. At all. If your needs are better served by playing a single player game, please contact myself or another designated gamemaster in the community to work that out at a time that's comfortable for both parties. And be prepared to wait; single player games are sometimes harder to arrange for than a weekly scheduled game, although we do our best to be there for you the same as you are for us.

There's no requirement on participation for single-player games save that the player make an attempt to contact their gamemaster as regularly as possible, either to game or explain why they can't. For rules on multiplayer games, see here.

Rule 3: Drama Whores Need Not Apply

Similar to DBAJ, but this one applies to people who want to air out their personal grievances on the community in a manner that either in no way relates to the community or in which causes problems rather than solving them. Drama tantrums are why blogs and close friends were invented, and most of us are willing to listen if you're having a hard time and try to help out - we're all friends in this place - but please keep it off the forums.

While melodramatic players are somewhat discouraged, the only kind of drama that will get you banned is community drama, defined as any behavioral display by a community member deemed socially inappropriate by the majority of the community and which is directly or indirectly responsible for the diminished entertainment value of the game for one or more players.

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Community Rules
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