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 You Know Him... You HATE Him! LAGZILLA!

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PostSubject: You Know Him... You HATE Him! LAGZILLA!   Mon Dec 07, 2009 11:12 pm

For your viewing pleasure (and I use the term loosely), the evil so vile that not one player has escaped it unscathed. I give you, fully statted for the first time in AVA history... Lagzilla.

The staller of chatrooms and killer of traffic. Lagzilla can almost instantly bring ruin to a game simply by slowing it down to a crawl, but his bottomless bag of dirty tricks also includes confusing post order and, when he's really cheesed off, he can kick a character right out of the game!

HP: 16
CP: 30

ATK: 2
DEF: 2
END: 8
MAG: 14
RES: 2
SWT: 2

==Special Attacks==
= Bite
= Silence
= Stealth
= Poison Attack
= Death Attack

Lag Attack (Magical Attack)
You must make a Resistance check versus the Magic of Lagzilla or lose a number of turns equal to the difference between your checks. This ability may be used on a number of opponents per turn equal to Lagzilla's Magic modifer and cannot be combined with any other attacks in the same turn.

Kick Player (Magical Attack)
You must make a Resistance check versus the Magic of Lagzilla or be booted from the game for the remainder of combat. Treat as an instant-kill ability.

==Special Defenses==

Read Only (Physical Defense)
Lagzilla is immune to physical attacks unless combined with a magical attack via Contingency.

Slow Player (Magical Resistance)
If Lagzilla successfully resists a magical attack from a character, that character takes a cumulative -2 penalty on Magic checks for each such attack resisted.

==Movement Modes==
Interrupt Traffic (Movement Mode)
A number of times per combat equal to its level, Lagzilla automatically goes first.

==Ability Paths==
= Assassin

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You Know Him... You HATE Him! LAGZILLA!
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